What Clients Say

Moon Tarot

Working with Donna is relaxing, comfortable, positive, and informative.  She is an excellent listener.  I appreciate her supportive and gentle way of communicating the information to me.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in knowing more about themselves and the path they are on.
—K.S., Artist

I am still riveted by our consultation and how much resonated with me.  There is a tremendous amount for me to process, and I am so, so grateful for your insights and presence in my life.  Our work together has helped my healing all along, and it continues to do so.
—D.F., Independent Business Owner

I love working with Donna.  She presents the material in such a way that I, a complete beginner, can easily follow some very complex ideas that emerge from the reading.  I love her gentle, good humor, especially the way she deals with both the easy parts of my chart, and the more complex, even internally conflicted parts.  Throughout the reading Donna keeps an even, calm tone that's both reassuring and intriguing. She brings a great curiosity and compassion, a deep caring that is supportive and kind and gives me enough space that I can hear and digest and own the material.   Donna's kindness blows me away, her warm smile, her deep interest, her profound insights. I would highly recommend her work to any and all who are interested. 
—E.W., Professor

Thank you for my reading today. Our discussion of my life in relation to what you saw in my chart gave me insight, reassurance and a sense of renewed faith and resolve. Your perceptions were astute and sensitive and I greatly appreciated your encouragement and support.
—P.R., Writer

Sun Tarot

Birth chart of the 14th Dalai Lama

Donna is a fantastic teacher and guide. I am still finding meaning in her comments on my birth chart.
—E.T., Journalist

Donna is not only very knowledgeable; she has a generous and compassionate spirit. Her interpretations and her gift to listen deeply to my concerns have given me greater insight into my ongoing struggles and have empowered me to make better use of my strengths.
—C.A., Therapist

My daughter was going through an intense period and feeling very emotional about it. I went to Donna hoping to get some perspective on the ways in which the dynamic between my daughter and me was affecting my ability to support her. I was amazed at how much everything Donna interpreted in our charts seemed completely on target.  Her take felt perfectly consonant with the subconscious sense I had of our dynamic. One of the things she made so clear was that these trends were just part of a possible trajectory, but not written in stone. Donna has a manner that is very sensitive and interactive, which put me at ease and enabled me to relax and penetrate more deeply into the issue I wanted to work on.
—P.K., Cabinetmaker

Donna is very thorough, specific, and insightful.  I enjoyed the dialogue that we had throughout the reading that helped get to an even deeper interpretation of my chart.  I left with a new and better understanding of astrology as well as aspects of myself.
—S.J., Activist

I’ve been meeting with Donna for over a year.  I keep coming back because she is so good at what she does.  Donna has a quietly respectful and welcoming manner.  She is very knowledgeable, with an abundance of information about the planetary positions and how those might influence my past, present and future.  During each session, Donna checks in with me to make sure I understand her explanations, and to see if what she has said resonates with me.  She always makes me feel good about myself, focusing on my potentials rather than my shortcomings.  She also suggests other self-improvement techniques that I can use in conjunction with astrology.  I recommend Donna's services to anyone who wishes to gain self-insight by incorporating ancient wisdom that is still relevant today.
—K.D., Bookkeeper


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