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Sun Tarot

An astrology consultation can provide a wealth of benefits. It’s especially helpful when you’re faced with challenging life circumstances or choices, because it can provide a fresh perspective, clarify the issues, and point you in the most promising direction. With over ten years experience teaching and practicing astrology in Boston, I offer compassionate listening and clear communication in a totally nonjudgmental environment.  All of the services described below are offered over the course of a completely confidential, one-hour appointment. For established clients, shorter phone appointments for questions or updates are also available.  

Prior to our session, I study your birth chart and current planetary patterns activating it.  When we begin meeting, I listen deeply and with a trained ear to your concerns.  Using this information, I hone in on the features of your chart that are especially relevant to the issues you raise.  By exploring these with you, I hope to spark realizations that enhance your self-awareness, self-confidence, and sense of purpose.  This can provide greater clarity about the difficult issues or choices you may be facing. 

BIRTH CHART INTERPRETATION: Discover your many unique gifts, talents, skills, and resources; the challenges you’re likely to face; and a clearer sense of your goals and purpose in this lifetime.  Arrive at new insights about your distinctive personality—what makes you you—and learn to accept yourself as you are.  You can choose the focus of the consultation, for example, emphasizing your career, relationships, finances, or family.

FORECAST: Learn what to expect in the coming months or year. Using your birth chart as well as current planetary positions, find answers to these questions: What areas of your life are likely to be active?  What opportunities and challenges might come up? What resources do you have to make the most of them? Forecasts are an excellent tool to help you navigate through challenging times. They’re particularly ideal at the beginning of any cycle, when the new energies coming in are most easily harnessed.  A few such times are your birthday (your personal New Year), each month’s New Moon, and the start of every season. 

RELATIONSHIP ANALYSIS: Sort out the intricacies of any relationship—romantic, business, family, or friend—by comparing the birth charts of the two people involved. Get an overview of the relationship's dynamics, with an exploration of the issues that are likely to be most troublesome, as well as the underlying strengths that can be used to deal with them.


Click on the “contact Donna” link. Include your name, phone, e-mail, and mailing address; service requested (e.g., birth chart interpretation, forecast, relationship analysis); and the date, exact time, and place of your birth.  I’ll let you know of available dates and times for us to talk either in person or by telephone, and answer any questions you may have. 

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