"The greatest gift of a lifetime is being exactly who you are."
—Joseph Campbell


A birth chart is a picture of the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the time and place of your birth.  Symbolically, it’s the palace of potentials embodied in each human being—the abundance of talents, skills, and resources that are your birthright. 

Have your chart interpreted to open your heart and mind to the wealth of possibilities that are yours. To spark new insights about your distinctive personality—what makes you you—and accept yourself just as you are.  To live with greater clarity, confidence, and sense of purpose. These consultations are especially helpful when you’re facing difficult circumstances or choices; they can provide a fresh perspective, clarify the issues, and point you in the most promising direction.

If you’ve seen an astrologer in the past, have your chart interpreted again to benefit from the fresh perspective that a new astrologer can provide. Beyond that, you’ll want an update on the current planetary trends so that you can take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by every new day, month, and year. 

If a relationship is troubling you, get greater clarity from a comparison of your chart and the other person’s.  This can help you sort out the challenges posed by any relationship, whether romantic, business, family, or friend, while highlighting the strengths and resources available between you to move forward.


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